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What I did on my Suspension 12/13 + Epilogue

Title: What I did on my Suspension
Beta: The amazing, wonderful and fabulous [info]jooles34
Characters: Ianto/OMC, mentions of Ianto/Lisa, Ianto/OFC and Janto
Words: 3086
Rating, Warnings: I'm bad with ratings, urm, possibly Mature-ish. Swearing (there's a lot of swearing in this chapter), and a blow job.
Disclaimer:Whilst I do claim to own my ocs, I don't own the world or characters of Torchwood, but they all play so well together that it would be mean to split them up!
Summary: Ianto decides to use his suspension to reconnect with himself
Spoilers: None
that I can think of. Unless you've never seen TW or Who.

Well, I promised an update and here it is. Next one will be next week as I am all over the place this weekend.

Btw, I love parts of this chapter, absolutely love it. It was a delight to write and made me grin like a loon. I hope you enjoy it as much. Comments, as always, are love!

The SUV pulled up outside the unassuming semi and Jack shut off the engine. Ever since he’d woken up, he’d had a need to speak to speak to Ianto, to ask him about the past and to check that he was alright. He felt better after talking to Cat, a little more settled and less like the tyrant that Gwen appeared to think he was. And why did Gwen’s opinion matter anyway? He banged the heel of his hand against the steering wheel, and then rested his forehead on it sighing. What was he doing here? This was insane. He didn’t even know if he and Ianto were on speaking terms, let alone chatting about ‘feelings’. Did men talk about feelings yet? Was this something else he was going to have to wait for?

A sudden movement made him look up; one of the upper lights had come on so Ianto was obviously in. Jack just caught his shadow behind the curtains; funny how the distortion made him look so tall. Or maybe it was the fact that he was upstairs and Jack was on the ground floor. Jack climbed out of the SUV and walked up to the door, taking a deep breath and mentally preparing himself to knock.

“This is a beige box.” Lucca stood in the bedroom and crossed his arms.

“This,” Ianto pointed to the wall, “this is called lilac. L-i-l-a-c.” He drew out the word and Lucca raised an eyebrow.

“Fine, this is a lilac box; the rest of the house is beige.”

“I think you’ll find its magnolia.”

Lucca gave Ianto a look and pushed the giggling man back onto the bed. He bounced heavily and the headboard hit the wall hard, completely masking the knock from the front door.

“You have spent far too much time thinking about the paintwork in here,” Lucca said, kneeling on the bed and starting to undo Ianto’s jeans.

“Have you seen where I work? I have to have somewhere with better décor!”

“Such a queen,” Lucca sighed.

“Says the man with his hands in my pants.”

“Do you want me to blow you or not?”

“Well when you put it like that.” Ianto sighed dramatically and threw an arm over his head. “Ravish me!”

Lucca stopped trying to remove Ianto’s trousers and quirked an eyebrow up at him. “Ravish me? Seriously?” Ianto looked back and stuck his tongue out. “Just for that I’ve half a mind to leave you tied to the bed whilst I go and amuse myself,” Lucca rested his hands on Ianto’s wrists and leaned over him.

Ianto lifted his head up until they were nose to nose. “You wouldn’t dare.” he breathed.

“Try me.”

Ianto flopped back onto the covers, the headboard again connecting with the wall. “Fine. Do your worst.”

Lucca grinned and, pulling himself back from Ianto’s face, made his way back down to the jeans. “Lift up,” he ordered.

Ianto rolled his eyes. “Oh the romance.”

“Do you want flowers and romance? Or do you want…” Lucca paused, “this?” And licked a broad stripe up the length of Ianto’s cock.

“Gah! That, that that that!”

Lucca chuckled low in his throat. “Just out of interest, when was the last time you had anyone’s head between your legs?”

“A few months ago, wh - JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!”

“I take it they didn’t do that then?” Lucca sounded decidedly smug

“Guh!” Ianto cracked open one eye; yes Lucca was looking decidedly smug, sat back on his heels with a shit eating grin on his face. “You, sir, are an utter bastard.” Ianto said.

“Aww, now that’s not very nice.” Lucca pouted but it was ruined by the twinkle of devilment in his eyes.

“You had better carry on.”

“Depends if you’re going to be nice to me.” Lucca batted his eyelids.


“Depends if you’re going to finish what you started.”

“What? This?” Lucca bent down and deep throated Ianto again.


“Awww, and I thought you liked it.”

“Get your fucking mouth round my fucking cock now.”

“Well really Mr Jones, such language.”

“GAH!” Ianto struggled to sit up, but one hand placed firmly on his chest prevented him. “No using mods,” he said through gritted teeth.


“But I thought you liked them, they like you,” Lucca grinned coquettishly.


“I like some of them. Right now, I am most appreciative of your lack of gag reflex. I find myself wanting to explore that more thoroughly, so if you don’t mind, would you kindly stop quoting the Rocky Horror Show and please put your mouth to better use.”


They both froze. “You hear that?” Lucca asked. Ianto nodded “You expecting any visitors?” A shake of the head from Ianto. Lucca was all business now and climbed off Ianto “I’ll go and find out who’s making the racket. Stay here.” He adjusted himself with a small wince and walked over to the door. “You got any…?”

Ianto threw him a small pulse pistol from the bedside drawer. Lucca grinned, blew him a kiss and disappeared downstairs leaving Ianto to painfully stuff his erection into his jeans and mutter darkly about nosy neighbours and ill timed visits.

Lucca cleared the stairs in one bound, landing crouched in the hall. The thumps were now regular, and by the way the door was bowing, it wasn’t someone hammering on it with their fist. Lucca grinned wolfishly.

“If they want in here so bad, who am I to deny them” he muttered.

He slipped the chain off the door, unlocked it and opened it as wide as he could, casually stepping behind it. A tall figure barrelled into the hallway, its progress halted once the hall light flicked on. Jack found himself at the business end of a plasma rifle being held by a rather pissed off Ianto Jones.

“Hello, sir. Is this a social call or am I to assume that the world is ending? Again.” Sarcasm dripped from the words.

Jack had been standing on the doorstep for some time. He had tried knocking a couple of times, but there had been no response from the house. He had just been about to leave when he’d heard Ianto’s yell. At first he thought it had been a one-off, but then he heard it again. He’d jumped to the conclusion that Ianto was in trouble, and when he realised the door was locked, he’d attempted to kick it in. He thought he was getting somewhere when the door had opened and he’d been unable to stop himself charging headfirst into Ianto’s home.

And now the man in question was stood at the top of the stairs with a gun aimed at him, looking fine, dandy and very very angry. Jack swallowed nervously.

“Ianto, err, hi. Urm, I was in the neighbourhood, well just passing really, funny story, and erm well I, erm, thought, y’know and urm, would you mind putting the gun down?”

Ianto raised an eyebrow, but lowered the gun.

“Hey, isn’t that a Mark 15 plasma rifle? Where the hell did you get one of those? Nothing leaves the Hub, you know this,” Jack asked.

A loud slam behind him made Jack jump and spin round to see what caused it. Lucca peeled himself off the wall and sauntered towards Jack.

“It’s a Mark 25 actually, and it was his 21st birthday present,” he said as he passed and made his way to the stairs and lounged on them.

Jack tried resolutely not to stare at his arse, although that meant looking at Ianto, who was topless. Jack stared at the ceiling. He’d seen their expressions and realised that both were extremely pissed off with him. Suddenly realisation hit him.

“You!” He pointed at Ianto. “And HIM!”

The plasma rifle whined as it was powered down, and Ianto returned it to the cupboard with a sigh. He turned to face Jack.

“Yes, me and him. So?”

Jack stepped back, the wind completely knocked from his sails “But, but…”

“But what, Jack?”

“I thought…”

“Thought what?” Ianto spat. “Thought you were the only man for me? Thought I was a blushing virgin? Well sorry for disappointing you yet again, sir.”

Ianto poured all his frustration into the words. He opened his mouth to start again, but was silenced by Lucca’s hand over his mouth. He glared at Lucca.

“Shut up.” Lucca was deceptively calm. “You too.” He pointed at Jack who had opened his mouth to speak. “Now we are going to go into the lounge and talk about this like adults. We are not going to scream like harpies in a hallway. OK?”

He felt Ianto relax slightly under his hand, and Jack nodded quickly. Lucca gestured towards the lounge and followed Jack in, still holding his hand over Ianto’s mouth.

“I’m going to make coffee, you two, behave.” He pushed Ianto onto the sofa.

Lucca padded through to the small kitchen as Jack hesitantly sat in the armchair opposite Ianto, who had folded his arms and was glaring at him. Jack licked his lips and smiled nervously, still feeling wrong footed.

“So, erm, this is nice,” Jack said as he glanced round the anonymous lounge.

“It’s beige!” came Lucca’s voice from the kitchen.

“Actually, this is magnolia,” Ianto reminded them.

“Well excuuuuuuuuuuuse me Mr Jones!” Lucca called back and Ianto had to duck to avoid the tea-towel that came flying at him.

Jack watched with a slightly stunned expression and was completely unprepared for Ianto’s question.

“So sir, is this a social call?”

Jack’s head shot up and his eyes met Ianto’s cold blue ones. “Erm, well, erm, I was worried about you. You hadn’t left the house for four days and then today you disappeared and…”

“Oh how sweet,” Ianto cut him off. “Captain Harkness looking after his black sheep. How reassuring to know that I’ve been under constant surveillance for the past three days. You should have told me, I would have checked with you before going out and getting my life back on track.” The sarcasm had returned full force.

“Dammit, Ianto, I was worried. We all were. You’ve had a traumatic experience and I didn’t want you doing anything rash.”

“And why would I be doing anything rash?”

“You’ve just lost your girlfriend!”

“Lost? Lost? I haven’t mislaid her! You shot her!”

“You brought that thing into my house, what was I supposed to do?”

‘Her name was Lisa.” Ianto spat “And you honestly think I had a choice?”

A loud crash silenced both of them and they turned towards the kitchen where Lucca was standing holding a stack of plates.

“Do I have your attention?” he asked politely, “or am I going to have to drop the rest of these?”

There was no trace of his previous good humour and Jack and Ianto dropped their eyes and muttered apologies, both finding the carpet fascinating. Lucca put the plates down and went back to get the coffee.

“Right, Captain, why are you here? Is this the old Torchwood deal of retcon versus bullet? Because neither is going to work where he is concerned.”

“I’m immune to retcon,” Ianto stated flatly.

“And I will kill you before you can press the trigger.” Lucca said, handing mugs of coffee to Jack and Ianto and taking one for himself.

Jack looked at them both. Ianto was completely closed off, his body language making it clear that Jack was neither welcome nor wanted. Lucca was artfully draped on the sofa next to Ianto, deceptively relaxed, but his face held none of its usual humour.

“I take it my erstwhile cousin didn’t visit then?” Lucca asked.

Jack looked down at his hands and mumbled. “Yes, yes she did.”

“And did you actually listen to what she had to say?”

Jack looked up and opened his mouth, Lucca raised his eyebrows as he capitulated.

“And after everything she had to say, you still thought you should come tear-arsing round here and disturb us? Were you actually thinking with your big brain?” Lucca accused.

Jack bristled. “I was worried about you,” he said to Ianto, who simply glared at him. “You’ve been gone all day, and I couldn’t find you, and I knew you weren’t really in your right mind and I was worried that you’d do something silly,” He glanced up at Ianto and paled; Ianto’s glare had gone from cold to glacial.

“I beg your pardon. You thought WHAT? I’m not in MY right mind? Where the hell do you get off monitoring me? I’ve felt more like myself today than I have in months, sorry for not clearing it with you first.”

“Well pardon me for being worried about you. One minute you’re telling me that Lisa is the love of your life, and then the second she’s gone, you’re with HIM.” Jack spluttered.

“Oh, thanks,” Lucca piped up.

“Leave him out of this, its got nothing to do with either Lucca or Cat,” Ianto said.

“Really? Cos after today I find that very difficult to believe. The second you have any problems you go running to them.”

“Actually I didn’t, I went to you. They were never involved with Lisa.”

“So why involve them now? Why him?” The plaintive ‘why not me?’ was not actually said, but it hung in the room.

Ianto took a deep breath and looked at Lucca, whose expression was blank. He raised an eyebrow and Lucca simply looked back at him. Great, no help there. He attempted to calm himself, things were getting way too heated and his frustration and anger were threatening to get the better of him. He took another steadying breath.

“He’s easy” Ianto began.

“I know that!” Jack huffed.

Ianto silenced him by holding up a placating hand. Lucca gave him a look that meant he would have to tread carefully here.

“It’s easy being with him, with both of them. They’ve known me for years. They knew me before Torchwood, before Lisa. I don’t have to ‘be’ anything but myself with them. You must know how liberating that is?” Ianto risked a look at Jack.

Jack held his gaze and nodded. He knew exactly what Ianto meant. Cat and Lucca never needed him to be the great Captain Jack Harkness, solver of problems, defender of the planet, maker of bad innuendo. With them he could simply be Jack, the kid that stumbled off the transporter, and that was wonderful, and freeing. He couldn’t blame Ianto for wanting to feel like that.


£So I just wanted some time to be me, Ianto Jones, not Ianto Jones butler extraordinaire, coffee wrangler and clean-up guy for the worst kept secret organisation in Cardiff.”

Jack smiled ruefully. “I understand.”

“Besides, what else am I going to do with these four weeks? I’ll go mad stuck here.”

“Gods yes! The décor alone is enough to drive a man to drink!” Lucca looked from Jack to Ianto as they both stared at him “What?”

“Who died and appointed you King of the Throw Cushions?” Ianto said.

Lucca stuck his tongue out at him. “You have got to admit, this place needs some serious work.”

“I think it looks homey,” Jack muttered,

“You live in a glorified sewer,” Lucca argued.

“I do not!”

“It’s damp, airless, has constant running water and it stinks.” Lucca ticked off on his fingers. “Oh, and it’s underground, ergo sewer. A ratty couch and a few computer desks do not automatically make it a des res.” Jack started to argue but Lucca stopped him.

“Drink your coffee, Jack!” Lucca interrupted, earning himself a pout. But Jack drank his coffee.

“You need to get this place looking a little more lived-in. Get some pictures on the walls, go for some warmer colours, that sort of thing.” Lucca was warming to his subject when he noticed Jack give a massive yawn. “And you need to get to bed.”

Jack started to reply, but was cut off by another yawn. Lucca bounced up and pulled Jack to his feet.

“Come on, kiddo, time for good little captains to go back to their bunks. You’ve still got to drive back, unless you didn’t bring the pimped out disco bus.”

Jack let himself be hustled towards the door; sleep sounded good right now and things would look better in the morning, they always did. He turned back to face Lucca and Ianto as he opened the front door.

“I’m glad you’re ok, Ianto, really.” He sighed. “I guess I’ll see you in four weeks time.”

Ianto nodded, leaning on the lounge door jamb.

Lucca folded Jack into a hug. “Give him time, Farmboy,” he whispered. “It’ll all work out in the end.” Jack pulled back and Lucca gave him a wink before directing him towards the open door. “Now go on, get. I’ll see you soon.” And Jack was pushed through the doorway and the door was shut firmly behind him.

Jack stared at the closed door for a couple of seconds before sighing and trudging back to the SUV. He thought over everything that had happened and let his mind drift back to the moment he had arrived at the Agency. Ianto’s words earlier had triggered the memory and he let it wash over him. He still remembered the trepidation as he walked from the transporter into the huge hanger of the Agency’s home base, and found himself surrounded by grinning agents, feeling like a minnow being circled by sharks.

It had been Lucca who had gathered him up, steered him out of the hanger and into the Agency proper. Lucca that had insisted he eat lunch with them and Lucca who had settled him into the Agency routine. With sudden clarity, he realised that this was Lucca’s role; he was the one who found the ‘lame ducks’ and rescued them. Cat and John would never have done it, which was where Lucca came in, and it explained why he’d never joined Three. He would never have tolerated Alice or Emily, unlike Cat, or himself, nor John, had John been there.

Jack’s stomach gave a twist when he thought of John. They never mentioned him, none of them did. He sighed and leant against the steering wheel, there was no good to come from that line of thinking. He yawned and realised how tired he was. Firing up the SUV, he started back towards the Hub, secure in the knowledge that he had left Ianto with the best person for him.

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