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Title: What I did on my Suspension
Beta: The amazing, wonderful and fabulous [info]jooles34
Characters: Ianto/OMC, mentions of Ianto/Lisa, Ianto/OFC and Janto
Words: 2678
Rating, Warnings: I'm bad with ratings, urm, possibly Mature-ish. Some rude words. A lot of very hands on flirting, references to sexual acts, consumption of cigarettes and alcohol. Oh and dancing.
Disclaimer:Whilst I do claim to own my ocs, I don't own the world or characters of Torchwood, but they all play so well together that it would be mean to split them up!
Summary: Ianto decides to use his suspension to reconnect with himself
Spoilers: None
that I can think of. Unless you've never seen TW or Who.

What's this?? The second update in a week?

Now you've all picked yourselves off the floor and recovered from the shock, you can all leave lovely comments (hopefully) and I'll see if I can give you another update next week!

Huge props to the amazing <lj user=jooles34>, the best beta a girl could want!

Onwards to the fic!

The car pulled up on Charles Street and Ianto turned to Lucca “You have got to be kidding!”

“Nope, I want to have fun and dance and play, and I can have far more fun here than anywhere else. Unless you’d prefer St Mary’s Street?” Lucca’s eyes twinkled.

Ianto made a face. “I’d prefer to go home.”

“Sorry, there was no option three.” Lucca bounded out of the car, threw open Ianto’s door and bowed elaborately. “Let’s go inside, get happily smashed and dance provocatively until you let me take you home.”

Ianto shot him a warning glare as he exited the car. “Don’t bank on it.”

“Oh my dear Mr Jones,” Lucca shut the car door, “surely you know that the fastest way to get over someone is to get under someone else?” He grabbed Ianto’s hand and towed him into the club.

“And who says I’ll be under you?” came the muttered reply.

Lucca pulled Ianto into him and lifted his chin “Me,” he said and kissed him hard, sliding his hands into the back pockets of Ianto’s jeans to pull him closer. When they parted, to a chorus of wolf whistles from the guys outside, Lucca grinned and added “plus there’s previous experiences, the fact you can’t resist me and you want to do it.” as he pulled Ianto towards the club.

The club was dark, sweaty, loud and wonderfully anonymous. Lucca kept a grip on Ianto’s hand as he towed him past the cloakroom, flashing a brilliant smile at the attendant. In one smooth move and seemingly without letting go of Ianto’s hand, he threw both their coats at the young lad standing there.

“Look after these kid,” he said.

“It’s £2 a coat,” the attendant stated as Lucca walked away.

“I’ll buy you a drink later,” Lucca called back over his shoulder.

“I’ve heard that before,” the kid yelled back.

Lucca chuckled and spun on his heel back towards the cloakroom. He leant over the counter until he was nose to nose with the attendant.

“Blowjob then?” he offered.

The kid went bright red. “W-what?”

Lucca grinned and winked at Ianto, who rolled his eyes and leant against the far wall.

“Quite simple; blowjob in exchange for looking after our coats. Of course, the quality of the former means that it’ll pay for looking after the latter for a long while, but that’s the gamble you take.”

“Urm…what about him?” the attendant quavered, pointing at Ianto who was lounging against the wall and examining his fingers.

The him in question raised his head. “Oh, don’t mind me I’m sure.”

Lucca laughed and pushed a tenner over the counter. “Or I could just pay the fee.”

He batted his eyelashes at the completely wrong footed attendant. The kid blushed even redder and took the ten pounds without looking at it. He dropped the coats twice as he got them on hangers, and handed the tickets to Lucca with shaking hands. Lucca pocketed the tickets, winked, strode over Ianto and slid his hand between the wall and him until he could fit it into Ianto’s right-hand back jeans pocket. He used it to peel Ianto off the wall and steer him into the club.

“Hey! Your change!” the coat kid called.

“Keep it, buy yourself a drink.” Lucca shouted back.

“He’s new isn’t he?” Ianto raised an eyebrow at Lucca.

“Brand new!” Lucca rolled his ‘r’ and grinned laviciously at Ianto.

“Do they have a high turn-over of cloakroom staff here?”

“Fairly. Can’t think why though.” Lucca frowned briefly and held the door open for Ianto.

“Neither can I,” Ianto muttered and he walked into the club proper.

The first things that hit him were the heat and the sound. The outer door did its best to limit the noise to a constant thump thump thump of the bass, but it meant that the initial increase in volume could be very disorientating. The heat was almost like a physical wall. All the clubs were hot, it encouraged topless dancing, which Ianto had appreciated on many occasions and partaken in occasionally. Today though, he was grateful for Lucca’s steadying hand on his arse. He took a deep breath, firmly told himself to pull himself together, and then jumped slightly as something knocked his shoulder.

Lucca’s concerned gaze appeared in his line of vision and he did the universal sign for ‘Drink?’ Ianto nodded and gave a tight smile; Lucca frowned and did the ‘Ok?’ sign. Ianto rolled his eyes and nodded, Lucca raised an eyebrow and Ianto shooed him towards the bar, leaning against a handy pillar as Lucca grinned and bounced off.

Ianto leant back and closed his eyes, feeling the beat of the music resonate in his chest, the heat of the club surround him, the constant stream of people with the knocks and the nudges. He swallowed, tried to take a deep breath and scanned the crowd for Lucca. Who was nowhere to be seen. Ianto suddenly found the heat oppressive, the people surrounding him too much. He was now constantly sweeping the crowd for Lucca. Rationally he knew there was no way he would be left and that he had probably just missed him, but his irrational self was firmly in control now. He closed his eyes and tried to breathe through the panic attack, but it wasn’t working. Every fibre of his being was telling him to run, he concentrated on keeping his breathing deep and even, but it wasn’t working. Again he tried desperately to see Lucca – nothing. Someone careered into him and nearly sent him flying. He gave in to his impulses and bolted.

Lucca made his way over to the bar and fought his way through the press of bodies, grinning at the subtle and not so subtle gropes as he went past. He reached the bar and leaned over it to grab the barman’s attention.

“Tone! Hey! Tone!”

The huge bartender turned as his name was called, face breaking into an enormous smile when he saw who it was.

“Lucca! Fancy seeing you here!”

Tone threw his arm round Lucca and hugged tightly. Lucca returned the hug until he felt his ribs start to creak. Tone was one of the few people who were actually stronger than him.

“Tone!” Lucca pushed ineffectually at the massive arms surrounding him. “TONE! Off! Oooof.”

“Sorry.” There was an apologetic grin. “What can I get you? The usual?”

Lucca nodded and held up two fingers. “Twice.”

“Twice?” Tone’s eyebrows raised. “Going at it a bit tonight?”

“Nah, brought a friend.”


“Yeah, he’s over there.” Lucca waved vaguely in the direction of Ianto.


“Yeah,” Lucca grinned.

“And speedy too.”

“What?” Lucca spun around, drinks in hand, in time to see Ianto dash back through the door. “SHIT! Look after these for me man.” He pressed the drinks back to Tone, who nodded and put them under the bar, and dashed off after Ianto.

Ianto burst through the outer door and drew in a gulp of fresh air. It was cooler out there, the music muted and it meant he could clear his head. He shook himself, annoyed at what he perceived as his pathetic reaction to public places, and felt himself calm when warm arms wrapped around him.

“Wanna talk about it?”

Ianto shook his head, taking the opportunity to lean back against Lucca.

“Wanna take five?”

Ianto nodded and Lucca pulled them into an alleyway down the side of the club, neither noticing the security camera that followed them. Ianto leant against the wall with Lucca next to him, fiddling. He looked over to see Lucca light two cigarettes before passing one to him.

“I won’t tell if you won’t.”

Ianto smiled wanly. “We are going to get killed for this.”

“Me maybe, you definitely not.” Lucca soothed and Ianto quirked an eyebrow “I lead you astray remember,” and Lucca sniggered which made Ianto grin. “Just out of interest, when was the last time you went out?”

Ianto smoked and thought, tipping his head back as he ordered his thoughts. “London, two weeks before One went boom.”

Lucca nodded. “Sorry.”

“You weren’t to know.” Ianto looked over at him and smirked. “Besides, it was a fact finding mission.”

“Work doesn’t count.”

“Wasn’t work.”

Lucca fixed him with a look. “On yes?”


“Do tell.”

“It was an ‘am I attractive to other people’ and ‘do I still like boys’ mission.”

“And the conclusion?”

“A resounding yes. To both” Ianto turned to Lucca with a shit-eating grin.

“You are an utter moron at times, you know that?”

Ianto ignored him. “It was also a slight get back at Lisa.” Lucca stayed quiet as Ianto continued “She was always on about how you were an ‘experiment’,” Ianto did air quotes, the cigarette leaving smoke trails in parody of his hand movements. “So I reminded her that you weren’t exactly a one off, but she was always on about how I was always going to settle down with her, how we had a commitment yadda yadda.”

Lucca gave him another look.

“What?” Ianto asked.

“You just said ‘yadda yadda’.”

“It’s your bad influence,” Ianto said primly.


Lucca laughed. “Coming back inside?” Ianto hesitated and Lucca moved in front of him, inadvertently shielding him from the camera. “Come on, I won’t leave you alone.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of’.”

Lucca grinned as he lowered his mouth to Ianto’s ear. “I’ll be ever so good,” he purred, and nibbled at the same time as grinding his thigh into Ianto’s crotch.

“Oh, that is fucking cheating,” Ianto protested but Lucca chuckled and carried on. “Ok, yes, fine, I’ll come back inside, just, just don’t stop doing that!”

“Doing what?” Lucca’s voice was full of innocence. “That?” and he rotated his hips again.

“You utter, utter bastard.”



“Will be in a minute.”

Lucca chuckled again and pulled away. Ianto’s hands clamped onto his hips.

“You had better not be doing what I think you’re doing,” Ianto said

“Which is?”

“Moving away,” Ianto growled through gritted teeth.

“But sweetie,” Lucca batted his eyes at the look of murder that Ianto was shooting him, “our drinks are inside, our coats are inside, and more importantly,” he lowered his voice until it was whispering over Ianto’s ear, “when I do let you finally come, it will be where I can take my time with you, not some quick fuck in a dark alley.”

Ianto moaned, Lucca grabbed the waistband of his jeans and pulled him back into the club. He was better prepared for the heat and the noise this time, but still appreciated the arm that Lucca had wrapped round his waist. Lucca steered them through the crowd and up to the bar. He banged on it to get Tone’s attention. The huge bartender glanced over, grinned and retrieved the drinks from under the bar.

“Wasn’t sure if you were coming back,” he said as he put the two bottles on the bar.

“Oh please, I bought booze, of course I was coming back.” Lucca swept the bottles up and passed one to Ianto who rolled his eyes, Lucca stuck his tongue out at him.

Ianto glanced at the drink. “What’s this?”

“I believe it is known as ‘A Drink’ in 21st century parlance.”

“I had gathered that, I meant what am I doing with an alcopop?”


“It has fruit in it, I’m under strict instructions to get you to eat more fruit and veg.”

“This has never been near fruit in its life.”

Lucca snatched the bottle, held it up to the light, searched for a few seconds and pointed triumphantly. “Ha! Raspberry! It says it there!”

“It’s BLUE!” Ianto raised an eyebrow

“Raspberry is always blue.”

“Not in the real world.”

“Depends which world you’re talking about. Now are you going to drink it or not?” Ianto went to take it back, but Lucca moved it out of his reach. “Ah ah Mr Jones, open wide.”

“Give me the bottle,” Ianto demanded. Lucca shook his head and batted his eyes. Ianto held out his hand. “Give me the bottle.”

“What’s the magic word?”


“Make me.”

Lucca downed his and tossed the bottle behind him where it was caught by Tone and chucked into the bottle bin. Lucca grinned at Ianto, still holding the bottle out of his reach.

‘Fine!’ thought Ianto as he pushed closer to him, sliding his right arm behind Lucca and under the t-shirt, running blunt nails down his back. Lucca’s eyes closed and he leaned in for the kiss as Ianto’s left hand slid across his stomach and…

“Ha!” Ianto snatched the bottle and spun away from a dazed Lucca. “Mine I think,” and he downed to blue liquid with a grimace.

Tone laughed from behind Lucca. “He got you there kid.”

Lucca shrugged. “I taught him everything he knows.”

Ianto looked incredulous. “Bollocks did you! A few pointers maybe, but not everything.” and he threw a beer mat at Lucca.

Lucca laughed and grabbed Ianto’s belt buckle. “Are you feeling sufficiently lubricated then Mr Jones?”

“Is this your oh-so romantic way of asking me for a dance?”

“Too subtle?”

Ianto rolled his eyes and sighed heavily. “Fine! Get me on the dance floor then.”

Lucca whooped and still holding Ianto’s belt buckle tugged him towards the dance floor. He weaved through the press of bodies until he found a space, spun round and slid his fingers through Ianto’s belt loops, pulling their bodies together.

Tone watched them go, smiling fondly. He’d seen both of them in here at various points in the past, rarely together and never this happy. Both of them looked so much freer and he was pleased for both. When he had first landed on the planet, it had been Lucca and his cousin that had ensured he had indefinite leave to remain, for which he was eternally grateful. He’d not seen Lucca this joyous since he had been seeing that young lad years back. Tone glanced over at them again, and realised why the boy looked so familiar. ‘So they found each other again then’ he realised. Tone grinned and moved smoothly to the next patron.

It was hotter on the dance floor, if that was possible, and Ianto’s shirt was clinging to him. Lucca was pressed against him, mouth next to his ear and whispering all manner of hot, sexy and downright filthy suggestions to him. Ianto groaned and let himself be spun so his back was against Lucca’s chest and Lucca’s hand was sliding over his denim-covered erection.

Now Lucca was alternating between running his tongue up Ianto’s neck and whispering in his ear. Ianto realised that unless he did something, he was going to come right there on the dance floor, in front of everyone. The second he realised this, the urge to come rocketed. He spun around and kissed Lucca, hard.

“Home, NOW!” he growled.

Lucca looked at him. “You sure?”

Ianto grabbed him by the t-shirt. “If you don’t take me home and make good on everything you have been promising, I’ll…I’ll…”

“You’ll what?”

“I’ll find someone who can!”

Lucca looked at Ianto, flushed, frustrated and very very fuckable. “Not in this galaxy you won’t,” he stated and grabbing the belt buckle again, he towed a non-protesting Ianto out of the club.

“Coats,” Ianto reminded him as they flew past the cloakroom.

“Get it later.”

“I’m not going anywhere without my coat.” Ianto froze and Lucca huffed.

“Fine,” he sighed, dragging him over to the window. He threw the tickets at the attendant and growled at him to hurry, whilst he slid his hand into Ianto’s trousers.

“Oh, now that’s cheating,” Ianto groaned.

“You should know by now kiddo, I never play fair!”


The attendant finally brought their coats and they threw themselves into the car.

Lucca pulled away from the kerb. “Your place or mine?”

“Mine, it’s about time it got christened,”

They grinned at each other and with a scream of tyres, sped out of the city centre.

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